Create a User Account

How to Register

Each players must be registered online by their parent or guardian. To do so, you would need to first create a user account. Then you can add your son(s) or daughter(s) profile for FREE. These instructions also apply to those who wish to volunteer as a coach. Create a user account and then add a coach's profile.

How to create a User Account

  1. Register for a User Account and fill out the form. 
  2. When you're done, click the submit button and you'll receive a verification email
    (This can take up to 15 mins to receive).
  3. Click the link in the email and you'll be returned to the site. (You can not log in until you do this)
  4. Log in, set your password, and your user account is now active.

Then, to register a:

  • player - click the link "Add a Player" located in the user menu and fill out the form. Repeat to register multiple players.
  • coach - click the link "Add a Volunteer" located in the user menu and fill out the form.