Nikki WIlliams Bio

Nikki Williams is a native of Erie, PA and a proud graduate of Villa Maria Academy. She attributes a great deal of her discipline and respect for sports to her participation in Track & Field where she competed as a member of the JFK Streakers for seven years (also Wilson Middle School and VMA in track and other sports). Nikki has experience with youth athletics from every aspect: athlete, parent, coach and official.

Out of a passion to assure that young athletes are training and competing in environments that support their health and safety, Nikki created the Raising Healthy Athletes Training Series in 2008. This training series raises the accountability bar for coaches, parents and administrators of youth sports leagues to be  proactive in keeping kids first in youth leagues. They are trained and given tools on how to empower young athletes to not only become skilled in the sport but to become well-rounded athletes who are mentally and physically prepared to win in life. Athletes are trained to respect the sport, respect themselves and to identify the red flags that may compromise their health and safety as a young athlete. 

In addition to Spoons Basketball League, a few of the agencies Nikki has worked with are the Allan Houston Foundation (Father Knows Best Training Camps), Allegheny County Department of Human Services (Project Prom with Charlie Batch; which includes high school athletes preparing for their prom and life), People's Natural Gas, Duquesne Light Company, Pittsburgh youth football as well as numerous small groups and private family sessions.