Rules and Regulations

Spoon’s Summer Basketball League is designed for youth to have fun, become more educated in the sport of basketball, and to become a better citizen and give back to the community.  The Spoons rules listed below are the backbone of the league. They have been carefully thought out and structured to benefit the individual player, not the parents or coaches.


PIAA high school rules are in affect except for the following:

  1. Start Time - There will be no grace period, all games will start at its scheduled time unless the previously game went into overtime. Warm-ups can begin once the previous game ends and may last until start time of scheduled game. 

  2. Game Duration - Each game will consist of two (2) periods, or halves. Each game is scheduled for 45 minutes (includes game time and breaks) and this time should not be exceeded, unless dictated by the game outcome.
    1. Boys 9-10 age group will play 12 minute half - 3 minute halftime

    2. Boys 11-12 age group will play 12 minute half - 3 minute halftime

    3. Boys 13-14 age group will play 14 minute half - 5 minute halftime

    4. Boys 15-16 age group will play 16 minute half - 5 minute halftime

    5. Girls grade school 12 minute half

    6. Girls’ junior high school 14 minute half

    7. Girls high school 16 minute half

  3. Timeouts - Two (2) time outs (30 sec) per half that can carry over from the first half to the second half. If the game goes into overtime, each team gets an extra timeout and any time outs from the second half or 4th quarter can be used during the overtime period.

  4. Running Clock - The clock will only stop for the following situations

    1. on a coach’s time-out;

    2. official time-outs;

    3. the clock will also be stopped during the final two (2) minutes of the 4th quarter of the game for all dead balls and shooting fouls. In the event of overtime play, the “4th quarter of the game” rules for stopping the clock will be applied to the extra period.

  5. Tie Game - If the game is tied, overtime period of 3-minutes will be played until winner is declared.

  6. Game Score - Score will be kept in all divisions for all scheduled games and post-season. The standings will be used to seed the end of the year tournament for these divisions.

  7. Team Assignment - Each player is assigned to a team. Players may only practice and play games with the team they are assigned.


  1. Weather Cancellations - Games will be cancelled if the temp is above 90 degrees or it will rain for the duration of the game. (CHECK WEBSITE) 

  2. Coach's Son Option: To encourage family participation, the head coach's son will be his team's last round draft pick.

  3. Water Breaks - Water breaks will be given when necessary (this is not a time to set plays) 

  4. Player's Jersey - No player will be permitted to play unless the player is wearing his/her team jersey. It is the responsibility of the player to keep up with his/her jersey. Parent/coach cannot purchase new jersey if lost or stolen. Players must have basketball shorts to play, NO JEANS will be allowed.

  5. Discipline - If the coach has disciplined a player, the coach must report to league officials the reason for the discipline.

  7. Disrespecting Officials - Any player or coach who disrespect the officials will be removed from the team bench and suspended for one game for the first offense. The second offense, the player or coach will be ejected from the League permanently. And if the official is threaten or touched, charges will be brought against that player, coach or parent.

  8. Attendance - If a player shows up late to a game, without prior notification to the head coach, the coach may take the following actions:

    1. beginning of the first half but prior to the second, the coach is still obligated to play him/her the required 2 mins. 

    2. after the second period has begun, the coach is under no obligation to play him/her the required 2nd half.

    3. The coach must inform the officials, scorekeeper, and the opposing team’s coach of the arrival of their “tardy” player and the action(s) they will take.


  1. Coaches and assistant coaches may stand to direct their players, but must remain within the designated bench area. They may not go out onto the playing surface at any time, except during warm-ups, half time, time outs, or to check on an injured player. Only the Head Coach may approach the Official Score Table.

  2. Only the Head Coach, one (1) Assistant Coach, as well as the Team, are allowed on the bench. Team members must have the proper jersey on. 12 players can be on the bench but only 10 can be in the book.

  3. There will be NO CHANGES once the ball is tossed in the air.

  4. It is the responsibility of the coaches and team members to clean up the bench area after each game.If the bench area is not clean, the team will receive (3) technical fouls during their next scheduled game.

  5. All bench technical fouls will be charged to the Head Coach.



Games will be officiated by PIAA rules unless otherwise specified 


  1. 9 - 10 & 11 - 12 group exceptions
    1. Players who cannot reach the basket from free throw line may come as close as necessary. 
    2. Officials will determine whether 3 or 5 steps is a TRAVEL based upon the ability of the player 


  1. Defensive Formation
    1. 9 - 10 & 11 - 12 group - Must play man-2-man. 
    2. 13 - 14 & 15-16 group - Can play man-2-man and zone defense.
  2. Trap
    1. 9 - 10 group - Can not trap in any corner.
    2. All other groups - Can trap in any corner.
  3. Press
    1. 9 - 10 & 11 - 12 groups - Can press during the last two mins of the 2nd half.
    2. 13 - 14 & 15 - 16 groups - Can press the whole game.
    3. No full court defense for teams ahead twenty (20) or more points.