Biddy Basketball Camp Another Successful Year

Spoon's Summer League hosted its 8th City of Erie, Erie Housing Authority and John F. Kennedy Center annual partnership basketball program.  The program took place at the Roger Young Park, located at Downing and Buffalo Road, Erie, PA.

The success of the program was the 38 individuals ranging in age from 6 to 12 who brought a wide range of talent to the camp.  The goal of the camp was to share the beginning skills of basketball and enjoy the learning experience.

Our staff was well equip with the likes of Mr. House and Ms. Page from the JFK Center and Mr. Rob from the Kids club and Mr. DeBoe a five year volunteer with the program. The Erie Housing Authority also helped support the Kids Club. These two organization was responsible for bringing up to 30 youth to the program.

The camp began on June 25th and concluded on June 29th. Each day drills took place such as agility ladder, free throws, lay-ups, defensive drills, dribbling skills and more, all presented in a fun way.

Awards day was very exciting for the young campers as they got chance to see, meet, and visit with Mayor Schember.  When the Mayor appeared the campers all said together, "Welcome Mayor Schember". 

The Mayor, and his staff, took time to speak with the youth, and placed medals around their necks.  Mr. Outlaw, one of Mayor Schember's staff, told the campers that he attend Burton Elementary School and played many days at the same court they are playing today.

Every camper received a medal and every camper received a trophy they earned based on the skills they learned. Some campers left with three trophies.

A special thanks to the JFK Center for allowing us to use their gym when it rained.

To all who made this year possible, thank you.


See you next year,

Mr. Spoon