Coaches Corner

Spoon’s Summer Basketball League relies on volunteer coaches and assistant coaches to serve all programs and age groups.  All coaches and assistant coaches must register online.  Those selected to coach and assistant coach are subject to Child Abuse Clearance. Those volunteering as a coach are expected to have a reasonable knowledge of basketball skills training.

All Spoon’s League teams must have a single, designated head coach who will bear full responsibility for the conduct of the coaching staff and players.  A head coach, 18 years old or younger, must designate an adult, 21 years old or older, as an assistant coach, and the adult assistant coach must be present at all team practices, games, and functions. 

In the Spoon’s Summer Basketball League, the League Commissioner is solely responsible for selecting head coaches and approving assistant coaches. 

SPECIAL NOTE:  While Spoon’s League coaches can, and are encouraged, to select an assistant coach, an assistant coach who has a child in the league will not be approved until after the child has been drafted to a team.  Head coaches who select an assistant prior to the draft are encouraged to consult with the commissioner regarding this matter well in advance of the player draft.