Volunteer Cach talking with kids

Coaches & Asst Coaches

The success of our Youth Athletic programs relies on the many volunteers who coach our teams. Coaching is a fun and rewarding way to serve your community, either on your own or co-coaching with another parent to share responsibilities and the time commitment. Consider these benefits!

— Coaching your own child’s team gives you more time together
— You have a say in what they learn and how they’re taught
— Great way to meet other parents
— Coaching can be great exercise
— Children like having their parents involved with their activities

Other Volunteer Positions

  • Scorekeeper - The scorekeeper is responsible for tallying the entire scorebook, i.e., shots attempted, shots made, number of two’s, number of three’s, etc.; all columns are to be totaled.
  • Time Keeper - The Timekeeper must know the number of minutes each age group plays per half and keep teams informed of the remaining time left before the half and end of the game.
  • Security - The duties and responsibilities of Security are NOT to get into a confrontation with any person or persons outside the fence. If Security can calm a person down by talking to them, then, by all means, do so.  But recognize when it is no use, then call 911 or Erie City Police duty captain (number will be given at the time of appointment to a volunteer position.

If interested in coaching or helping out with this program, please log in and complete the volunteer application. The League's Director must approve all volunteers, and all volunteers need to pass a child abuse clearance check (free application for volunteers).

Please note, ALL POSITIONS ARE VOLUNTARY. There will be NO financial compensation given.